It is important whilst looking at the systemic racism to remember 'black people' are not  homogeneous group, everyone will experience different levels of discrimination based on a range of personal factors. For example, sexuality, disability, wealth, gender or socio-econmic status.

What is systemic racism?- racial prejudge deeply embedded in social institutions, structures, and social relations within society -

Racism in the UK-
Racism is still alive and well, 50 years after the UK’s Race Relations Act by 

Kehinde Andrews- ://

Places to start reading-

A lack of diversity within positions of power enable companies and governments ,which uphold and create systems that discriminate against disadvantaged minorities, to continue to neglect these groups, who's underrepresented voices are overpowered amongst white peers. 

Evidence of this is shown in ethnicities of influential bodies in the UK and their sources (Remember only 84% of all Brits are White) :

  • History of Prime Ministers - 100% White 

  • Cabinet of the UK -90% white, 0% Black (UK GOV, Members of Parliament,2020)

  • Members of Parliament (MPs)- 92% White (House of Lords,Ethnic and Religious Diversity in the House of Lords)

  • House of Lords Peers (unelected)- 94% White (House of Lords,Ethnic and Religious Diversity in the House of Lords)

  • UK Court Judges- 93% White (Judiciary, Judicial Diversity Statistics 2019)

  • UK Military Defence Board- 100% White (UK GOV, Defence Board 2020)

  • UK Top 10 Banks CEOs- 100% White (ADVRatings, Banks Ranked by Total Assets 2019-2020)

  • Sunday Times Top 10 UK Rich List-95% White (Sunday Times Top 10 2019 Rich List)

  • Sunday Times Under 30 UK Rich List- 85% White (Sunday Times Under 20 2019 Rich List)

  • UK Book Publishing CEOs/Directors-100% White (Neilsen Adscan, List of Largest UK Trade Book Publishers via Wikipedia)

  • CEOs/Directors of the Top 5 UK TV Networks- 100% White (Broadcasters ranked by Audience share, Statista 2018)

  • UK Top 15 PR Consultancy CEOs/Directors-100% White (PR Week, Top 150 UK PR Consultancies:Public Affairs,2019​)

  • UK Top 10 Newspaper Editors- 100% White (AgilityPR, News Papers Ranked by Circulation)

  • UK Big 3 Music label CEOs /Directors- 100% White ( Corporate groups ranked by market share, Statista 2018)

  • Directors of Top 10 grossing UK Indie Films- 100% White (Screen Daily "UK independent films score..", 2020)

  • Head Chefs of the 165 UK Michelin Starred eateries -92% White (Guardian "only two  black head chefs...", 2018)

  • Premier League Football club managers- 95% White (Premier League, Wikipedia, 2020)​


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