These are a selection of petitions I've found with personal stories in which family are fighting for justice. I've written brief explanations each ones aims to make it quick and easy to find and choose which are most important to you. A lot are from which is a good place to find more and it's easy to made an account with them which means they'll send you petitions directly and you can sign with one click instead rather than tediously filling in your details every time. 

This website contains petitions for:

George Floyd- who was killed after being pulled out his car by police after signing a suspected forged cheque. Derek Chauvin, who Floyd had  previously worked with as a security guard, then went on to kneel on his neck for 9 minutes as Floyd screamed 'I can't breathe'. His death was recorded :

Breonna Taylor- who was shot 8 times by police who entered her home illegally without a warrant after Breonna's boyfriend had fired a gun in self defence, against who he thought was someone attempting to rob their home. Police had been looking for a suspect who was 10 miles away when they'd already been arrested earlier that morning but had gone to the wrong home. Despite this, her boyfriend Kenneth Walker was charged with attempted murder and the officers were released free of charge. 

You can also text ENOUGH to 55156

Email Louisville's District Attorney demanding charges be pressed against all officers involved in Breonna's death. Pre-written email here  

Ahmaud Arbery- who was terrorised before being shot and killed by ex-police officer and his son whilst on a jog in Georgia. He was unarmed but because of America's 'stand your ground' law and the judges racial prejudice and personal connections to Ahmaud's killer, Mr McMicheal still walks free today. Ahmaud's death was recorded:

CALL in regards o the case and demand it be investigated as a hate crime. CALL 770-800-0689 for a prompt and instructions

Regis Korchiniski-Paquet- who was killed after falling from a balcony which eye-witnesses reported was after being pushed by Toronto Police. The police instructed the media not to come after reporting her death a suicide. 

Tony McDade- was a transgender man who had recently been released from prison but was killed by Florida police after being connected to stabbing. However, the police behaved violently immediately and opened fire on the suspect who was later regarded as unarmed. This case was recent but due to Tony's gender identity and past has not received much media attention to gain justice. 

Email Talhlahassee's City Attorney-Cassandra Jackson- and demand the officer repsonsible for Tony's death to be identified, arrested and charged:

João Pedro- was a 14 year old who was 1 of the 1,814 people killed by Rio de Janerio police in 2019 (75% of which were black males). He was shot in the back with an air riffle and reports show 72 bullet marks on the walls of the house he lived in. He dreamt of being a lawyer.

Juius Jones- who is currently living on death row, confined to solitary confinement 23 hours a day with no sunlight and awaiting execution for crime he did not commit. He was an 19 year old academic scholar at University of Oklahoma when he was arrested, he is now 29 years old. More details are on his petition that aims to release him. 

Belly Mujina- who was working at London Victoria when she was spat on unprovoked by a man who claimed to have COVID-19. She later died in hospital after being diagnosed with the virus

Willie Simmons- who has served 38 years for a $9 robbery

Kyjuanzi Harris- Who was arrested without a cause and held in county hail for two years until going on trial for 3 days and being convicted guilty . He has been in jail for 9 years serving a sentence for a crime that has no evidence linked to him and after a key witness of prosecution admitted to purging initial accusations against him.

Sean Reed- who was running from the police on 6th May 2020 and was tasered and then shot 14 times in the back by police in Indianapolis

Kendrick Johnson- a well known athlete and honour student who who murdered reported by a fellow student at his school. His autopsy showed he had died from blunt force trauma to his neck but his case was closed with no justice for his family.

Tamir Rice- a 12 year old who was shot by police within  seconds of them arriving at the park he was playing in with a toy gun, However, the jury has refused to charge the two officers who shot him.

Jamee Johnson- who was pulled over for a routine traffic stop in Jacksonvile and was later shot four time. The police reports around the case have caused confusion amongst Jamee's friends and family and want the circumstances he was killed in to be further investigated. They also want the undedited body and dashcam videos to be released in order to prove the police's description of the event. 

Darrius Stewart- who was killed by police in Memphis after mistaken identity. His mother has been trying to file against the case that happened 4 years ago but been dismissed repeatedly

Siyanda Mngaza- who is serving a 4 and a half year sentence after depending herself against a racially abusive group who was double her age at the time of attack (she was only 20)

Chrystul Kizer-  a trafficking survivor who is serving life in prison after acting in self defence against her trafficker 

Andile Mchunu- who was beaten by a group of men for allegedly stealing alcohol and money and is now 'missing'

Eric Riddick- serving life in prison and already  over 27 years for a crime he did not commit which had no physical evidence connecting him to the crime

Amiya Braxton- who was stepping off the school bus when she was hit by a car and killed. The District Attorney have refused to take the case seriously and 4 years later her family are no closer to getting justice for their daughter,sister and friend.

Emerald Black- who was pregnant when her and her fiance were pulled over for a bad registration tag on the way home from the hospital, where she had been told she was at high risk of a miscarriage. She was ordered out of the car and told officers that she had just been warned this but despite this officers grabbed her and threw her to the ground and stomped on her stomach. Her and fiance were then arrested and spent the night in jail where Emerald was miscarrying. She was not a suspect to a crime.

Elihah Nichols- who is being punished for defending himself against racist attackers (his petition explains the story with a lot more important detail)

Zinedine Karaboo Gioia- a rape victim, forensic evidence for her case went missing, she was told she was drugged because her story was unclear and that her rapist was unlikely to be charged.

Angel Bumpass- a wrongfully convicted 13 year old with a life sentence 

Sheku Bayoh- who was detained in Scotland and did not leave police custody alive. 


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